Is it worth your Blood?

If you’re like me, you have probably been in a situation, at least once in your life, where you have hoped for effortless ways to make a little more cash. Whether these hopes spawn from the need to pay the phone bill, pay the car insurance, catch up on rent, or just have a little more spending money, I am here to suggest at least one idea that pays $25 per hour at entry level pay. At least, that’s what it averages out to.

I am, as you may recognize from the title, speaking of selling blood plasma for extra cash. Selling blood plasma tends to be a two hour process that involves extracting your blood, filtering it for the plasma, and returning the red blood cells back to your body. Most companies will pay $50 per visit for the first 5 visits; then, they tend to pay around $25 for the first donation within a one week time-span, and $35 for the second.

The maximum amount of times a person can donate plasma is two times per week. Thus, for the first two and a half weeks this is an extra income of about $250. And, every week after that has a supplementary income of about $60.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “this sounds grand and all, but how do I get paid?” Well, most companies load up your earnings on a prepaid visa card with a small fee per transaction made. Thus, the best way to use it is usually to purchase a small item, like a pack of gum, at a grocery store and get the rest of the balance back in cash.

Personally, I have yet to donate plasma myself, but I definitely think I am going to start this summer. If you have donated plasma before, please comment about your experience and let us know how it went!



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