Clothing Entrepreneur (Work from Home)

Ever since childhood, I’ve been all about “free” money. From selling bouncy balls and gum to my little brothers in childhood, to participating in moneymaking surveys, to trying data entry jobs online. But, the first of these many, many profiteering attempts to become successful was my foray into “Flipping.”

Of course, when I first started, I didn’t really know what I was doing, or that “Flipping” was even the name for it. I only knew that I wanted to clean out my closet, and I wanted to make more money than the $2.50 Plato’s Closet was going to give me. So, I began looking for other venues to sell my used clothing.

My search took me along several paths, and I passed many websites and apps on the way; such as letgo, OfferUp, Craigslist, Ebay, and many others. But, eventually my journey brought me to an app called Poshmark. Poshmark is a reselling app specifically for clothing, makeup, and accessories. It allows people to create their own “closet” of items, set their own prices, and create their own pictures. And, best of all, Poshmark takes care of the shipping. Once something sells on their site, they send an email to the seller with a shipping label attached. Then, all the seller has to do is put the item in a free priority mail box from USPS, attach the label, and send it on its way. However, there is one slight downside to the apparent miracle of Poshmark, and that is the 20% fee they charge per sale, as payment for using their site to find a buyer. On orders of $15 or less, this fee is $2.95. Personally, though, I don’t find this price too bad because, through them, I’m making money I never would have had in the first place without them.

After posting the initial ten pieces of clothing I was looking to get rid of from my closet, I decided to venture into buying clothing at cheap prices from thrift stores and reselling it at higher prices on Poshmark. This particular behavior is the definition of the term “flipping” from earlier. So far, after three months of flipping clothing on Poshmark and two other, less successful sites with similar function (Mercari and Vinted), I have made about $300 in profit. Or, in other words, about $100 dollars a month. And, since my followers on Poshmark are always growing, I am optimistic that a year from now I will be making even more.

All in all, flipping clothing online is a definitely a worthwhile attempt at achieving a decent supplementary income. Especially for an introvert like me who would rather not deal with traditional “at home” work, such as the ever-present “at home call representative” suggestion on most other money saving blogs.


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